Current and Future Laboratory Staffing

The disrupted supply chain and staffing shortages were bad enough before the highly infectious Omicron variant made its way through hospitals, laboratories, businesses, schools and everywhere else. The Compass Group, which is an organization made up of laboratory leaders, shared their insight with CAP TODAY within the last few weeks of December 2021.

Stan Shofield, president at NorDx, told CAP TODAY that there was a 26% patient positivity rate and that a massive staff outbreak resulted in moving from 26 patient service centers to somewhere between 7-10. NorDx had 71 open positions and found it nearly impossible to get workers, even with excellent pay. Shofield also mentioned that supply chain issues left them in a shortage of all their supplies made with plastic which leaves NorDx with yet another major issue.

Covid has severely impacted current medical lab staffing but also has implications for future medical lab staffing. Pre-pandemic, there was quite a lack of awareness about careers in clinical laboratories; post-pandemic companies are starting to offer signing bonuses and many more people are becoming aware of this field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, clinical laboratory technologists and technicians' jobs are expected to grow 11% by 2030. That’s 3% faster than the average of all other professions.

In late January, medical laboratories are still dealing with staff shortages not only affecting COVID-19 test results, but also “hospitals that process cancer diagnoses, blood tests and normal check-ups" since “health care workers order 14 billion lab tests each year to help doctors make about 70% of medical decisions” (Rahman, 2022).

Cerebrum’s advanced workflow technology offers a solution to laboratory staffing shortage issues. LABdivus provides efficiency and accuracy with lab processes which in turn require less hands-on-deck. If you are experiencing staffing shortages and are interested in learning how Cerebrum can help, schedule a demo today!

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