Digitizing Today’s Clinical Labs with Laboratory Information Management Systems

Transform your anatomical pathology (AP) lab using intelligent workflow solutions from LABdivus®

In August, we partnered with Astrix to host an informative webinar on how AP labs must begin a digital transformation or be left behind. As you know, the AP industry is heavily regulated, requiring strict adherence to extensive compliance measures under CLIA, CAP, FDA and HIPAA guidelines. Each year, the quantity and frequency of regulations governing clinical testing is increasing, with a new regulation or modifications to existing regulations occurring nearly every week. Furthermore, under federal law, AP is classified as “high complexity” testing. CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and CAP (College of American Pathologists) regulations governing these labs require that certain educational and training qualifications for laboratory personnel have been met and properly documented along with scientifically endorsed accreditations to ensure that laboratory standards meet or exceed CLIA requirements.

Conversely, while regulation is increasing by leaps and bounds, reimbursements for professional AP services are decreasing by an even higher margin: 35% decrease in 2018, leading up to an additional 8% average decrease in 2021. This creates additional burden on pathology practices to obtain and manage additional repayment options through hospitals and clinics, ultimately driving up operational costs.

The management of records, documentation and reporting that is critical to support compliance standards and facilitate audit requirements within an AP practice far exceeds their ability to cost effectively manage the process within a setting of manual operating procedures, necessitating a new business model to remain competitive in the marketplace.

While digital transformation has become a top priority for most organizations, the clinical laboratory remains challenged by two crucial requirements to realize the value gained from migration to a truly digital world:

  1. Managing patient data in proprietary formats
  2. Tracking the chain of custody while maintaining the integrity of specimens throughout its lifecycle

Perfect the Workflow, Perfect the Business

The demands of the current regulatory landscape have created a huge opportunity for improving operational efficiency and, therefore, profitability for AP practices through better integration and digitally automated workflows. Cerebrum offers intelligent lab workflow software solutions for medical and life sciences pathology labs, focusing on improving patient safety, regulatory compliance, and lab efficiencies.

Our mission is to enable pathology lab professionals to perfect their businesses by perfecting their workflows for all types of patient specimens at busy, growing practices.

Our LABdivus® software platform provides a cloud-based digitized workflow solution for AP labs and CRO’s to automate their operations to increase productivity and avoid the risk of error by accurately tracking specimens from accessioning through reporting. The core application features that will allow you to achieve and maintain your CLIA/CAP/FDA compliancy while effectively managing the workflow of your growing lab include:

  • Specimen Tracking: Comprehensive and accurate specimen tracking is of utmost importance in a highly regulated environment. Knowing what specimens are in the work queue, where they are and who handled them provides valuable real-time information as well as an imperative historical perspective.
  • Compliance Integration: With LABdivus® SOP, workflow tracking and reporting, your operation will avoid compliance issues and shutdowns. Password protection, two-factor authentication and administrative-designated user restrictions provide a level of security that is fully CLIA, CAP and FDA compliant.
  • Pathologist Diagnosis Reporting: Quick access to patient data, both past and present, allows for greater efficiency in reporting out a case. Pathologists have complete control over diagnosis and CPT codes, microscopic descriptions and additional commentary needed for the technical components.
  • Lab Insights: See your lab operation’s work volume at every workflow step. Report on lab tech throughput, turn-around-time, completed diagnosis reports and specialized reports such as cancer reports and high-profile diagnosis reports.
  • EMR Connectivity: Connect your lab data workflow to electronic medical record (EMR) and other systems. LABdivus® includes HL7 and other customizable interface protocols to integrate with your practice management, billing, and insurance systems. Eliminate redundant data entry, human error, and efficiently automate inbound and outbound information.

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