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Intelligent Lab Workflow Software Solutions for Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Trial Research Labs

Laboratory Information Management System Solutions (LIMS)

For the pathologist, lab managers and lab owners concerned about productivity, workflow management and building a sustainable practice, Cerebrum products are flexible, cloud-based software solutions that increase productivity and avoid the risk of error by accurately tracking specimens from accessioning through reporting.

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LIMS/LIS Solutions

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Cerebrum LIMS/LIS products are available for use in anatomic pathology and clinical research laboratories that specialize in gastroenterology, urology, dermatology and veterinary sciences. Our products provide end-to-end specimen tracking and include deep integrations with EMRs, printers, scanners and many other lab machines.


Trusted By Industry Leaders

Made by pathologists and lab professionals for the lab with over a decade of customer usage. We have a proven track record of solving lab workflow inefficiencies to increase output without compromising the collection processes. We know that choosing the right LIMS/LIS technology is imperative to how a lab will run its business and it’s why we have curated a best-in-class software solution for our healthcare partners.


With LABdivus® I can sign out reports with astonishing speed without using a transcriptionist. The money I save on transcription alone more than pays for the cost of the LIMS. It is clear that pathologists and histotechs were heavily involved with the design of this program. It is very intuitive to use. The reporting functions are unsurpassed. The pathologists and histotechs in my lab can’t imagine going back to any of the previous systems that they have used. No other LIMS on the market is as efficient and robust as LABdivus®.

Dr Jondle

Dr. Dan Jondle, M.D. - GI Alliance US Medical Director


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