About Cerebrum

Cerebrum is a team of laboratory and engineering professionals who build and develop software solutions to improve laboratory workflow efficiencies. Our laboratory team are leaders in the clinical anatomic pathology laboratory and research laboratory industry with decades of pathology laboratory management experience. Our application development team includes professionals with over 30 years of experience creating large system databases, web applications, security architecture and systems programming.

Cerebrum’s Mission and Vision

Cerebrum's mission is to deliver innovative workflow solutions, providing measurable value in healthcare automation. We are passionate about listening to our customers and understanding their fundamental needs. Cerebrum transforms the patient experience by leveraging our unique combination of abilities, people, and technology.

Cerebrum encompasses the healthcare industry standard of “do no harm” mindset by listening to our clients first to seek out the root cause of their laboratory issues. We know that choosing a technology in which a lab will run its entire business from is not an easy or quick decision, which is why we choose to listen first and create a plan together next.

We understand that each business has unique needs, so we offer many customization and integration options. We have a proven track record of solving lab workflow inefficiencies to increase output without compromising the collection processes. We understand that people + processes + the right technology is a powerful combination.

Cerebrum is more than just a software platform or laboratory management system provider.

We aim to be your laboratory technology partner.

Supporting the Industry

Cerebrum is proud to partner with leading industry advocates like the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), the National Society of Histotechnology (NSH), and locally the Arizona Society of Pathologists to help further the advancement of educational activities.