Cerebrum’s Lab Management Software Solutions

Robust Workflow Management Platform for Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Trials Research Labs

For pathologists and lab workers concerned about productivity, workflow management and building a sustainable practice, Cerebrum’s cloud-based lab management solutions increase productivity and accurately tracks specimens from accessioning through reporting.

Purpose-built for a busy, growing AP lab practice, our lab management software alleviates bottlenecks in accessioning and specimen tracking through a customized and comprehensive workflow process while speeding up revenue generation and putting the right information in the hands of the billing department. Among all LIMS platforms and paper-based tracking systems, our products provide a higher level of confidence in the data associated with specimens

Our Products

Cerebrum’s LIMS software is designed, developed, tested and used by top industry professionals in anatomic pathology labs and the research space nationwide. Our lab management software and workflow solutions provide insights, reporting and integrations so lab managers, pathologists and owners have full transparency into every step of their lab’s practice.



Perfect your workflow and maximize daily caseloads with our cloud-based LIMS/LIS (LABivus) and our secure desktop app to connect your printers & scanners to the cloud.
Cerebrum Connect

Cerebrum Connect

Connect offers end-to-end, layered encryption for labs to securely send and receive files or even whole directories without compromising data.

Services Offered

In addition to our products, Cerebrum offers add-on services to benefit AP labs looking to take their lab practice and LIMS platform a step further. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our additional services.

Consulting Services

Each lab has its own unique workflow and issues to address with adding a LIMS solution. By partnering with Cerebrum for consulting services, we can guide you through best practices from installation to integrations with EMRs.

Business Process Analysis (BPA)

We will help perfect your lab workflow by taking a deep dive into current processes to discover any inefficiencies that may be slowing down productivity, target caseload goals or any other operational obstacles that may exist.

Custom Software Solutions

We offer customized software solutions for AP labs in need of tailor-made workflow results. We’ll work with you to understand the goals for your lab and how a custom process workflow can help attain them.

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