Frequently asked questions

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You can view a comprehensive list of LABdivus features and capabilities by downloading the PDF below.

Is LABdivus considered a LIS or a LIMS solution?

LABdivus can be considered both an LIS and a LIMS. LABdivus provides complete specimen tracking in your lab and ensures patient to specimen integrity from accession to sign out. LABdivus also provides the Pathologist complete diagnosis reporting capability to quickly diagnose and generate patient pathology reports. Lab management features to show Work In Progress, measure lab productivity and lab operations are provided to assist the lab manager with a complete view of the lab output. Other reporting functions such as cancer reporting, incident reporting and revenue cycle management tracking are also incorporated into LABdivus to enable a complete lab management platform.

How much does LABdivus cost?

LABdivus is a SaaS solution that bills based on caseload volume per month. Check out our pricing options for Clinical Labs and Clinical Trials to see how affordable LABdivus is and the ROI you can expect from day one!

What can I expect from the onboarding process with Cerebrum?

The Cerebrum team and software setup will help guide you through our on-boarding process. Details about your lab including the type of your lab, specimen workflow requirements, EMR connectivity requirements and pathologist diagnosis options. The LABdivus product provides a flexible workflow for various specimen and test operations in addition to handling cases that need outside-the-lab processing.

Is there any speciality lab equipment required for LABdivus?

LABdivus is a web-based application that also interfaces to a standard array of printers, document scanners and image capturing equipment that your lab uses for printing accession jar labels, cassettes, slides and slide labels. LABdivus directly connects to an array of printers and scanners.

What types of labs is LABdivus used in?

LABdivus is a robust laboratory information management system (LIMS) specifically built for anatomical pathology labs specializing in gastroenterology, urology, veterinary, dermatology or clinical trial research. Learn more about our specialities.

What integrations does LABdivus offer?

LABdivus includes optional integrations for email and faxing. LABdivus also connects with many of the main EMRs for patient demographics, pathology report exporting and billing via API or HL7 messaging. Contact our support team to learn more if your EMR is supported.

Is LABdivus CAP/CLIA/HIPAA/FDA compliant?

Your lab compliance is important to you and LABdivus provides several tools and reporting functions in your CLIA and CAP audits Specimen history, incident reporting, cancer reporting and audit tracing of your cases are included within the LABdivus application.

For FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance, LABdivus incorporates FDA recommended password & digital signature/dating requirements. Internal functional test compliance reports for Installation Quality (IQ) and Operational Quality (OQ) are included within the LABdivus application. Additional lab operation reports in LABdivus provide audit traceability which helps you validate your lab for the Performance Quality (PQ) and FDA audit requirements.

What makes Cerebrum different from other LIS/LIMS providers?

LABdivus was developed by lab professionals for the lab operations to manage the entire lab operations from specimen tracking through diagnosis reporting. Your lab is an important revenue generating operation that requires distinct care to ensure patient-specimen integrity for your customers. Choose the best product that pathologists, lab managers and lab techs over 10 years helped create!

What security standards does Cerebrum use in its technology?

LABdivus undergoes a thorough HIPAA and security audit process by outside security professionals. In addition to SSL encryption of traffic between the client and the application, LABdivus utilizes Multi-Factor Authentication, industry approved password hash and encryption and AES 256-bit encryption for at-rest of customer data. Unlike our competitors, each customer data is siloed and containerized from other customers to eliminate side-channel and HIPAA violations.