LIMS Software for Anatomic Pathology Veterinary Labs

LABdivus helps anatomic pathology veterinary labs manage the many difficult workflows for all of the different types, breeds and species of animals. Our LIMS solution allows AP vet labs to easily capture, sort and display data as needed for reporting and diagnosis. LABdivus is a scalable, cloud-based veterinary management software solution that can help independent labs and university veterinary schools optimize their workflows for a more efficient caseload output.

LIMS Software Built for Multi-Species AP Vet Labs

Anatomic pathology veterinary labs have unique testing requirements, and many other laboratory software systems are not able to provide a flexible LIMS solution that works. No matter which types of animal species your lab works with, our cloud-based veterinary management software, LABdivus, will create efficiencies in your lab with robust tracking, reporting and management tools.

Specimen Tracking Software for Vet Labs

From accessioning to assay assignment to results and reporting, specimen tracking with LABdivus ensures proper diagnosis through a simplified web-based application.

Advanced, Rule-based Custom Workflows

Understand in real time where a sample is in the lab and who has handled it. Optimize your workflow with advanced, user-based rules to ensure accountability in the lab.

Scalable Solution with Built-in Integrations

Whether you have one lab or many, LABdivus is a scalable and flexible LIMS solution with EMR integrations and built-in CPT codes for easy billing.
Veterinary Specialty

Robust Reporting Options

Search and build reports by species, breed, sex, specimen, diagnosis, test result, case number, and more with LABdivus advanced reporting options.

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

Cerebrum products help AP vet labs predict monthly, weekly or even daily revenue based on real-time cost analysis dashboards that come standard with our software.

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