Advanced Clinical Laboratory Solutions for Clinical Research Organizations

Gain total control of incoming work orders and samples for all clinical research organization (CRO) projects. Track every aspect of samples as they move through the optimized lab workflow with LABdivus. Manage deviations and produce a complete log of sample handling that satisfies GLP and FDA 21 CFR part 11 while providing customers with a complete sample history for the work order. Cerebrum can help mitigate the bottleneck between production, reporting and maintaining FDA inspection criteria with our cloud-based LIMS software.

Benefits of LABdivus, Clinical Lab Management Software

LABdivus is a configurable, scalable, cloud-based solution that will help optimize clinical trial research lab workflows. Experience the convenience and safety of end-to-end encryption, standard interchange protocols (including FHIR, HL7, X12, XML, Flat File, restful APIs, ASTM, and more) built-in, and two-way lines of communication between clinics and clients.

Advanced Specimen Tracking LIMS

Track sample workflow history, manage lab samples, ensure workflow processes are adhered to, and measure productivity with confidence.

Customized Workflows

Understand in real time where a sample is in the lab and who has handled it. Optimize your workflow with advanced, user-based rules to ensure accountability in the lab.

Principal Investigator Reporting

Principal investigators, pathologists and scientists have complete control over sample diagnosis, scoring, microscopic descriptions and commentary. Customizable scoring attributes enable flexibility and complete data gathering for analytical requirements.
Clinical Trials Specialty

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Security

Password protection, two-factor authentication and administrative-designated restrictions for all users means a secure operation that is fully CAP/CLIA/HIPAA/FDA compliant.

Configurable Assays and Revenue Cycle Management

Configurable assay creation linked with test pricing helps your lab track new test assays created for your projects and manage your lab revenue.

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