LABdivus is Built For Pathologists

Pathologists using LABdivus improve their workflow efficiency. Below are 6 short videos that show how a pathologist can use LABdivus to diagnose, sign out, add tests to a case and amend/addend a case.

We encourage you to download a PDF version of our recent publication in The Pathologist for additional information on how LABdivus accelerates the Pathologist's workflow.

LABdivus: Pathologist Sign-Out a Case

Watch this short video to see how a case is signed out in LABdivus.

LABdivus: Amending a Case in the Sign-out Queue

For pathologists, see how easy LABdivus is to use when amending a case in the sign-out queue.

LABdivus: Pathologist Adding a Reflexive Test - Part 1, Adding a Test

Part 1, adding a reflexive test at diagnosis.

LABdivus: Pathologist Adding a Reflexive Test - Part 2, at Microtome

Part 2, the added test immediately shows up in the Microtome queue where the histotech can identify the case by the (R) flag.

LABdivus: Pathologist Adding a Reflexive Test - Part 3, Finishing the Diagnosis

Part 3, completing the diagnosis with the newly added test and slide.

LABdivus: Pathologist Amending a Case

Amending a case by the pathologist.

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