LIMS Urology Software for Anatomic Pathology Labs

Pathologists can be four times more efficient and provide better patient care with quick access to past patient data using LABdivus urology lab software. Manage prostate diagnosis with complete Gleason Score reporting, prostate tumor locations and summarize all indications automatically for greater accuracy in reporting out a case. Provide ERG/PTEN indications graphically, and have complete control over diagnosis, CPT codes, microscopic and additional commentary.

Additive reflexive testing gives pathologists the flexibility needed to diagnose difficult cases. Cerebrum also offers optional camera and image capturing into the diagnosis report that gives pathologists a wide ability for documentation.

LABdivus Benefits for AP Urology Labs

Every urology lab practice is different. That’s why Cerebrum created a robust and fully-customizable urology LIMS software that will manage cytology workflows for slide prep and diagnosis, keep patient data secure while providing a more efficient lab process that reduces risks and human error.

Urology Centered Software

Built-in urology table indications for cytology and urology analysis, anatomy codes, ICD codes and diagnosis macros that are customizable for AP urology lab’s specific needs.

Advanced Workflow Options

IHC tests are handled with care through retrieval and pre-bake. Quickly accession and gross prostate biopsies with customizable 6/12/18 specimen count macros.
Urology Specialty

Customized Reporting

Auto-process core lengths, PTEN tests and Gleason scoring automatically for prostate reporting and easily include diagrams with annotations.

EMR Connectivity

LABdivus includes HL7, API and other customizable interface protocols to integrate with practice management, billing and insurance systems. Eliminate redundant data entry, human error and efficiently automate inbound/outbound information.

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