LABdivus®: LIMS/LIS for Anatomic Pathology Laboratories

A Comprehensive LIMS/LIS Solution for Modern Labs

Get 4X more productivity and gain valuable insight into your anatomic pathology lab with Cerebrum’s LABdivus® software. Built for anatomic pathology and clinical research labs, LABdivus® is a LIMS/LIS software designed to help improve production performance and efficiency for lab techs and pathologists. It provides comprehensive management for the workflow of a growing lab while maintaining complete patient specimen management and fully documenting CAP/CLIA/FDA compliance at every step.

LABdivus® Features

Our advanced LIMS/LIS software was purpose-built for the AP lab and clinical trials industry. The customizable lab software workflow provides a greater level of confidence in data associated with specimens. LABdivus® has an intuitive UI that provides pathologists with important data and an easy method for specimen diagnosis entry. Gain valuable laboratory insights and get more done.

You can view a comprehensive list of LABdivus features and capabilities by downloading the PDF below.

Specimen Tracking

Patient safety and specimen tracking is of utmost importance for AP labs. With an imperative historical perspective and valuable information provided in real time, LABdivus® keeps up-to-date information about where specimens are in the work queue, their location and who is handling them.

Up to 4X Improved Efficiency

LABdivus® helps increase lab case count without adding to headcount. Pathologists workloads will be optimized with easy access to past patient data allowing for greater efficiency in reporting out a case, and enabling them to read and diagnose more slides and cases per day.

Increase ROI

Eliminate the need for transcriptionists, on-site servers and maintenance IT services with LABdivus®. Our lab software runs on cloud servers as a web application in labs. Users will also be able to track consumable usage as a means to mitigate costly waste and forecast inventory requirements.

EMR Integrations

LABdivus® includes HL7, API and other customizable interface protocols to integrate with practice management, billing and insurance systems. Eliminate redundant data entry, paper requisitions, human error and efficiently automate inbound and outbound information through our lab software.


LABdivus® maintains CAP/CLIA/HIPAA/FDA compliance with workflow tracking and reporting of all lab operations. Our lab software offers password protection, two-factor authentication and administrative-designated restrictions for users to provide a secure operation that is fully compliant for HIPAA meaningful use rules.

Made for Pathologists

Easily view details about the specimen, like its type, gross description, work performed by tech, any requisition or documentation attached to the case. Quickly order recuts or additional tests with one click, and view inbox cases, cases awaiting additional tests/recuts, and total cases signed out in one view.

Customizable Reporting Options

Easy data retrieval allows for greater flexibility in reporting formats. Our LIMS/LIS software derives insights from data connectivity to increase workflow performance, resulting in faster intake-to-billing turnover. Accountability measures in the workflow process show complete case history from accession to sign out.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

View lab work-in-progress, measure lab output and manage required practice reporting functions. LABdivus® RCM will predict monthly, weekly or even daily revenue based on real-time cost analysis of billing management. Gain visibility of your lab with built-in revenue cycle management reporting.

Print and Scan

Our LIMS/LIS software supports a variety of label, cassette and slide printers with the capability to print 2D barcodes on accession labels, blocks and slides or slide labels. Scan paper requisitions or reports directly into LABdivus® to eliminate the need for paper travelers through the lab.

Equipment Integration

LABdivus® installation may include connections to lab equipment to both control equipment and automatically collect specimen and equipment data for analysis and/or reporting. Integrated image capturing via cameras or slide scanners enables picture data for grossing, case incidents or diagnosis reporting.

Lab Software Designed for Busy, Growing Practices

Designed by pathologists and lab professionals, LABdivus® alleviates bottlenecks in accessioning and specimen tracking through the workflow process while speeding up revenue generation and putting the right information in the hands of the billing department.

No capital investment

Pay-per-use subscription model

Minimal monthly maintenance fee

Free installation and initial configuration

Initial training and included support

Free software updates

Customization services available

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