LIMS Software for Anatomic Pathology Dermatology Labs

Our laboratory information management system (LIMS) software LABdivus alleviates the bottleneck AP dermatology labs experience with high caseloads and outdated tracking systems. Our solution integrates with electronic medical records (EMRs) and utilizes dermatology-centric anatomy and diagnosis macros to easily create the final diagnosis reports.

LABdivus is designed with dermatology lab requirements in mind, including configurable tissue excision types and lab-specific tissue inking colors used in grossing. Our LIMS software for anatomic pathology dermatology labs automatically selects the correct ink color in sequence during grossing operations. Users can track and ensure specimens are identified correctly, and know the Work In Progress of your AP dermatology lab. Effectively and efficiently manage dermatology tissue specimen samples with LABdivus.

LABdivus Benefits for AP Dermatology Labs

With over a decade of experience building anatomic pathology lab solutions, Cerebrum helps optimize lab workflow efficiency in processing specimens, quickly producing diagnosis and hassle-free billing execution.

Dermatology Specimen Tracking

Every specimen receives a unique tracking code associated with it to ensure patient safety and an accurate diagnosis.

Intuitive User Interface

LABdivus LIMS makes it easy for AP dermatology labs and pathologists to easily add patient diagnosis with its integrated and intuitive interface.

Advanced Workflow Options

Whether your lab performs routine stains, special stains, immunohistochemistry or direct immunofluorescence, LABdivus is capable of optimizing your lab workflow.
Dermatology Specialty

Bidirectional Communication System

Experience the convenience and safety of end-to-end encryption and two-way lines of communication between dermatology clinics and your lab for reporting diagnosis.

Built-in CPT Billing Functionality

We bill Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) in coordination with how you process your tests and diagnosis to determine how CPTs are billed on the final report. Technical, professional, global and split case billing capabilities are built into LABdivus and are automatically handled.

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