LIMS Software for Anatomic Pathology Gastroenterology Labs

Pathologists need a LIMS software that can streamline their workflow and create more efficient caseload output. LABdivus provides anatomic pathology gastroenterology labs with the tools needed to help scale business and maintain HIPAA compliance. Cerebrum will help optimize your AP gastro lab workflow while improving patient safety, increasing ROI and maximizing daily caseloads.

LABdivus Benefits for AP Gastro Labs

LABdivus has built-in features specific to AP gastroenterology lab needs and customized reporting options for full transparency into lab operations. With Cerebrum as your LIMS partner, you’ll have a secure, cloud-based platform that can be scaled to fit your labs unique needs.

Real-time Specimen Tracking

LABdivus provides operational insights to show what specimens are in the work queue, where they are and who handled them at all operational points in the lab.

AP Gastro Lab Workflow Management

Manage grossing, processing and screening of your AP Gastro lab cases with ease, and reduce accession time using case templates from LABdivus.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

Password protection, two-factor authentication and administrative-designated restrictions for all users means a secure operation that is fully CAP/CLIA/HIPAA/FDA compliant.
Gastroenterology Specialty

Customized Reporting Options

Get reports on lab tech throughput, turn-around-time, completed diagnosis and specialized reports. LABdivus provides insights and metrics of your lab operations.

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

Cerebrum products help labs predict monthly, weekly or even daily revenue based on real-time cost analysis dashboards that come standard in the software.

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