Secure Patient Data with Cerebrum Connect

End-to-end encryption and protection for sensitive data

Transfer data between any system (Windows, Mac, Linux, AWS S3) across networks or internet reliably and securely without the need for a VPN. Cerebrum Connect is a secure file and API transferring application that connects disparate systems and utilizes hardened, end-to-end (E2E) encryption for data transport.

Cerebrum Connect transfers whole directories and/or files from a source to one or more destination targets on different hosts with different operating systems securely with complete data integrity verification. Data is transferred completely and with full security protection between EMRs, LIMS, medical practice or laboratory systems.


Data Protection and Security with Cerebrum Connect

Pathology laboratory workflows are dependent upon the use of a LIMS software to receive, analyze, store and send electronic protected health information (ePHI). With the growing use of internet-connected devices, equipment, work stations and more, labs are faced with increasing ways patient data could be compromised. Cerebrum Connect provides a way for labs to ensure the integrity of patient data without adding to the workflow process.

  • HIPAA compliant data transfer
  • Data integrity
  • E2E encryption
  • Audit trails and reporting

Cerebrum Connect provides bi-directional transport layer encryption TLS with file hash digest verification on both the source and target destination files to ensure data integrity of the transfer. Multiple methods of transfer can be utilized.

Pair Connect with LABdivus

Perfect your workflow while protecting patient data

LABdivus is a cloud-based web application so there is no need for a physical server on site. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized personnel accessing server rooms and compromising data. By pairing Cerebrum Connect with LABdivus software, you can ensure data integrity and minimize risks.

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